Contemporary Dance & Negro Spirituals

Contemporary (From 9 years of age)


  • Contemporary dance is a fusion or mixture of elements where the dancer is able to display contracting, releasing, falling and recovery.
  • The dance piece can tell a story or be purely abstract with the dancer expressing the emotion for the audience interpretation.
  • Classical Ballet training is essential.
  • The Inaugural 2016 La Trobe Valley Contemporary Championship – 14 Years was won by Ivy Sproule.
  • Lara Bolger was the 2017 La Trobe Valley Contemporary Championship Winner – 14 Years.

Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD)




















Negro Spirituals (Taught in private lessons for Competition students)

Negro Spiritual dancing stems from its founder being Alvin Ailey, an African-American choreographer and activist who founded the  American Dance Theater in New York City.  The dance movements are extremely emotional using ‘slave like/depressing’ and ‘freedom/joy’ type expressions within the dance piece.

Many ‘Negro Spiritual’ Sections at Eisteddfods have been won over the years from students at this school.   Justin Zee (now company member with Singapore Ballet Company), Carly Dent (now full time Melbourne City Ballet School),  Lara Bolger, Pia Tantaro and Ivy Sproule.

Lara Bolger (yellow)  – HM Winner 2017 City of Sale 70th Eisteddfod.

Pia Tantaro (purple) – Winner 2017 City of Sale 70th Eisteddfod.