Dance Baby Dance Class

Dance Baby Dance

If you are looking for more than ‘fairy ballet’ for your young child, then this class is for you.  Designed so 2 & 3 year old children can begin to experience movement and dance skills within a studio setting, to prepare for formal classical ballet training and other dance styles in later years.

Dance is taught with imagination and awareness along with the emphasis on building confidence and enjoyment.

We do not place emphasis on ‘fun’,  like at a birthday party, where everyone runs wild, as dance is an art form where discipline, understanding are to take place – but all work is age appropriate.

The students  ‘love’ their dance class – as happy mothers have quoted.

We begin to create a ‘thinking dancer’ –  yes even at 2 years of age!

Why not join us to see and for yourself?

Three of our Dance Baby Dance         students reaching for the ballet   barre.