Nurturing Talent:

At JPSD, we are dedicated to nurturing every dancer’s unique talent. We believe that everyone has the potential to shine, and we provide a supportive environment where each individual’s abilities are recognised, celebrated, and developed to their fullest potential.

Building Technique and Artistry:

JPSD is committed to the dual journey of building strong technical foundations and fostering artistic expression. We believe that a solid technique is the backbone of captivating performances, and we strive to blend it seamlessly with the dancer’s own creativity, resulting in performances that are both technically precise and artistically captivating.

Offering Stimulating Dance Programs So All Will Achieve:

Our dance programs are designed to challenge and inspire dancers of all levels. We provide a diverse range of classes and opportunities, from beginner to advanced, ensuring that each dancer can progress and achieve their personal goals. Whether aiming for a professional career or dancing for pure enjoyment, we have a program that fits.

Supporting Health and Mental Wellbeing through Dance:

Beyond physical training, we recognise the profound impact dance can have on mental and emotional well-being. JPSD is committed to providing a safe space where dancers can find release, joy, and emotional expression. We prioritise the mental health of our dancers and promote an environment that fosters positivity, self-confidence, and overall well-being.

Behind All Dancers Are Teachers Who Believe in Them: We firmly believe that exceptional dancers are nurtured by exceptional teachers. Our dedicated teachers are not just mentors, but believers in the potential of each dancer. They provide unwavering support, guidance, and personalized attention, creating a foundation of trust that empowers dancers to push their boundaries and achieve remarkable growth.

Our Dance School is considered the best in Regional East Gippsland Victoria as we nurture and encourage ‘thinking’ dancers, so students become responsible for their own learning. Enjoyment and results are fully guaranteed.


Read below the remark from Karen Malek, adjudicator for over 20 years, Ballet Mistress at Transit Dance, Melbourne.

“I recently spent a delightful day examining at Jan Pianta School of Dance and was thrilled with the standard of work presented.   It is so refreshing to know that East Gippsland has such a high standard of dance training available at its fingertips.   

Country Victoria has produced many fine dance artists over the last 50 years.  I travel not only throughout Australia examining and teaching, I travel the world and can safely say that the standard of teaching in Bairnsdale with Jan Pianta School of Dance is of the highest order.   

Congratulations Jan on the standard of work presented.    I am excited for your future.”


Justin Zee – As a professional dancer now, I gained my first foundations of classical ballet and dance from Mrs Pianta. 20 years ago I began my training with Mrs Pianta where she exposed me to all genres of dance and introduced me to various guest teachers, workshops, exams and competitions. No dream is too big and Mrs Pianta pushed me when I needed pushing to ensure my dreams came true and they did. After leaving JPSD, I completed three years with National Theatre Ballet School and went on into Eurpose and Asis to be in professional dance companies. JPSD is a second home for me and Mrs Pianta also makes me feel welcome when I return to visit or to teach a class to the next geneation.

Georgia Steel – Whether you come to the dance school for physical activity, confidence, community or to increase dance ability, just to name a few, you can always count on finding a dance family at JPSD that is ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Our space – Your space! Operating out of old theatre!

Main stairwell to dress circle studio
Dress Circle corridor
Dress Circle studio
Change area for junior students
Change area for senior students
Back stage studio
Back stage change area (original brick work of theatre built in 1858)