Cecchetti Classical Ballet

The first steps are the most important ensure they are with Cecchetti.

Beautiful JPSD dancers

Tutor Jan Pianta

Dancers are carefully trained in the traditional classical ballet method of Cecchetti Ballet where the ongoing development of grace, line, beauty and style are taught and encouraged.  Annual Exams are taken from 5 years, with students attending annual Master Classes and special Award Days that are on offer. Cecchetti Ballet is renowned for producing beautiful dancers at the recreational level from Pre-Primary to Advanced. You can rest and be assured that your child will receive quality training at JPSD due to the high standards that the art requires and the exceptations that all dancers become thinking dancers.

Within classical ballet training is demi character, lyrical and National (see National page) – which dancers can further experience.

2024 1st Place Charli McInnes – Classical Ballet Championship City of Sale Eisteddfod 12 Y & U
2024 1st Place Ella McInnes and 2nd Place Olivia McInnes – Classical Championship City of Sale Eisteddfod 10Y & U


From pre-primary to Advanced – dancing dreams do come true at JPSD.
Pre-Primary (with senior dancer)
Primary Classical Ballet (with senior dancer)
Demi Character – Step Sister Lament (1st Place trio at City of Sale Eisteddfod 2024)
Junior lyrical – Bittersweet
Senior lyrical- Amazing Grace

Many students over the years have been awarded 100% for their classical ballet annual exams along with other high results. To be sure that this could happen for you – the old age advice is – do the work and the results will come.