End of Year Performances – always original and the highlight of each year!

JPSD is not just a ‘ballet school’, we offer all dance styles, so it is important to be inclusive of all. We do not put on ballet productions such as The Nutcracker, but productions that have themes. Parents and other audience members over the years have always provided wonderful compliments about the entertainment value of JPSD end of year performances. Below is just one comment sent to JPSD after the performance in 2022.

Congratulations Jan and the team on Saturday’s performance.  It was brilliant, the precision timing and presentation certainly did justice to your hard work and teaching method.  If you recall it was my wish for my granddaughter to learn new skills and have a beautiful time.  It exceeded all my dreams and when the ‘birds’ flew out onto the stage to that very familiar music I felt a tear roll down my face.

Thank you Jan – from one very proud Grandad.

Titles of our original themes have been:

  • 2023 – Emotion Rescue – Sat 9 December matinee only (tickets will be available in December via Trybooking)
  • 2022: Dansical the Musical
  • 2021: DansePORTATION – (Held in JSPD Studios due to COVID -19)
  • 2020: 30th Happy Birthday – (Held online due to COVID-19)
  • 2019: Anime – Remembering When!
  • 2018: Crazy Little Thing Called Love!
  • 2017: Let’s Dance…Around the World!
  • 2016: Dance Movies
  • 2015: Movin’ to the Beat…les.
  • 2014: Australia! You’re Standing in it!
  • 2013: The Dance Strikes Back
  • 2012: Who Listens to the Radio?
  • 2011: The Cat’s Back
  • 2010: Skattin @ The Kit Kat Klub
  • 2009: The Rain, the Park and Other Things
  • 2008: The Wild Wild West
  • 2007: EAST
  • 2006: AFRICA
  • 2005: Under the Boardwalk – Down by the Sea
  • 2004: A Tribute to the Movie – GREASE
  • 2003: Cirque de DANSE
  • 2002: It’ll Be Alright on the Night
  • 2001: Cirque Soleil
  • 2000: lst Birthday Celebration for Paynesville Primary School (PPS) at PPS.
  • 1996 – 1999 – (no Performances)
  • 1995: Phantom of the DANSE
  • 1994: Living in the 70’s
  • 1993: Colour My World
  • 1992: Count Down
  • 1991: It’s been a Hard Day’s Night – Sounds & Steps of the 60s
  • 1990: One Step Ahead
  • 1989: Movin’ Right Along
  • 1988: DECEMBER
  • 1987: Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie
  • 1982 to 1986: (no performances)

Most Entertaining Routines have been: (Award commenced in 2016 and chosen by an independent audience member)

2023 – TBA

2022 – Singing in the Rain Trio – Charli McInnes, Ella McInnes, Olivia McInnes. (Choreographer Jan Pianta)

2021 – Jet Set – Musical Theatre Duo: Abby Nolen, Georgia Steel. (Choreographer Shaun Harvey)

2020 – No award given to due COVID-19 lockdowns

2019 – Hero to Zero – Musical Theatre Students: Phoebe Allen, Lara Bolger, Freya Hamilton, Jazelle Rogers, Abigail Nolen, Georgia Steel, Amy Zaninelli. (Choreographer Shaun Harvey)

2018 – Love Shack – Test 3 Jazz Students:  Emily Allouet, Seina Bulmer, Semi Jung, Abigail  Nolen, Annabella Stewart, Amalie Wagner. (Choreographer Janis Pianta)

2017 – Tour de France – Senior Pointe Students:  Phoebe Allen, Lara Bolger, Deanna Mills, Jessie Wilson, Pia Tantaro,  Sophie Sewell.  (Choreographer Janis Pianta)

2016 – Malice – Tap Trio – Lara Bolger, Georgia Steel, Pippa Young. (Choreographers Paula Bolger & Lara Bolger)

JPSD Boys group performing ‘Step in Time’ from Mary Poppins 2022