Tutor: Jan Pianta and senior jazz students

ATOD offer a unique system of training that is innovative, technical and engaging. Steps and moves are taken from historical and modern jazz, such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Funk. The combinations are energic at all levels providing the jazz student with an excellent pathway to become highly skilled and trained. Commence jazz training from 5 years of age and we hope to see your child in our classes.

Students are required to study classical ballet for good use of jazz style, upper body control and strength

2nd Place Jazz Championship 12Y & U – City of Sale Eisteddfod
2nd Place Jazz Solo 10 Y& U – City of Sale Eisteddfod 2024
Senior Jazz Quartet 2023

100% Exam Result – 2023 Gold Medal Chloe Moulton

Examination work with ATOD – Jazz Moves Syllabus.

Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) – Jazz Study Syllabus is also used incorporating ‘Dance Fusion’ Syllabus