Looking gorgeous in their ‘Blue Bird’ ballet clothing.
Already ballet friends!
I am learning to bring my feet together and I will grow into my ballet stockings!

If you are looking for more than ‘fairy ballet’ for your young dancer, then this class is for you! Designed so 2 & 3 year old children can begin to experience the wonderful sense of movement and dance and listening skills based around classical ballet training, adding other styles such as jazz and tap, within a studio setting, The class has a small structure, for we do not want to have your young dancer to just run around, preparing the young dancers for the more formal training in the years ahead. Parents are welcome to assist your young dancer to get off on the right footing.

If the young dancers participate in JPSD end of year performance, a senior dancer always dance with the group on stage.

The younger dancers will also experience imagination and awareness with the emphasis on building confidence and enjoyment.